Ship’s Company

HMS Quality’s Company of Officers and Enlisted Men

Due to the age of the original document some of the names and ranks were unreadable and a star(*) character denotes an unreadable letter. If you can contribute or help in any way to fill in the missing information please let us know by using the contact us form.

A total of 471 men served on HMS Quality as ship’s crew during her service in World War 2, they are all listed below, however at any given time her maximum complement was 8 officers, 181 sailors.

HMS Quality Ship's company 1944
HMS Quality Ship's company 1944

The following Officers served aboard the HMS Quality

Lt-Com. G.L. Farnfield. D.S.O D.S.G. R.N.
Lt-Com. The Viscount Jocelyn. R.N.
Lt-Com. F.L. Graves. R.N.
Lt-Com. P. Charig. R.N.
Lt. P. Trollope. R.N.
Lt. *.H Metherell. R.N.
Lt. A.L. Harper. R.N.
Lt. R.R.B. Mackenzie. R.N.
Lt. P.M. Bugle. R.N.
Lt. D.G. Darroch. R.N.

Lt. R. Lockwood. R.A.N.V.R.
Lt. C.V. McKeon. R.A.N.V.R.
Lt. *.D. Stogen. R.A.N.V.R.
Lt. S. Guthrie. R.N.V.R.
Lt. T.C. Malcolm. D.S.C. R.N.V.R.
Lt. A. Card. R.N.R.
Lt. A. Peacock. R.N.V.R.
Lt. G.N. Sellers. R.N.V.R.
Surg. Lt. R. Simpson Smith. R.N.V.R.
Surg. Lt. *.G. Thompson. R.N.V.R.

Surg. Lt. R.P.*. Miles. R.N.V.R.
Sub Lt. L. Barker. R.N.
Sub Lt. Burdon. R.N.
Sub Lt. F.*. Paddick. R.N.V.R.
Sub Lt. G. Wallis. R.N.V.R.
Sub Lt. *.E.K. Smith. R.N.V.R.
Sub Lt. Harris. S.A.N.F.
Mr. l.S. Day. Gnr (T).
Mr. F. Hickman. Gnr (T).
Mr. J. Botwood. Gnr (T).

Mr. A.J. Panell. Gnr (T)
Mr. J.F. Clegg. Gnr (D.P.&I)
Mid. Snelling.
Mid. Patton.
Mid. Keighley-Peach.
Mid. Todd.
Mid. Maine.

The following Ratings served aboard the HMS Quality

S. Abraham. L/Sea.
W.T.C. Amess. A.B.
T. Ashworth. A.B.
K.V. Ashworth. A.B.
W. Antrobus. Sig.
D.G.H Amass. A.B.
F.L. Archer. A.B.
F. Agora. O/Sea.
N. Austin. Sto. I
G. Alderman. A.B.
R. Abery. A.B.
R. Aitken. Ck. (S).
S.A. Budd. P.O. Ck.
P.J. Breslin. L/Sea.
D.A. Bolt L/Sea.
A.*. Brown L/Sea.
C.F. Bacon. A.B.
J.N. Baron. A.B.
W. Butler. A.B.
G.E. Bond. A.B.
A.M. Bochel. A.B.
J.H. Brady. A.B.
E.C. Brooks A.B.
H. Butterworth. A.B.
J. Bannister. A.B.
E.D. Burton. A.B.
A.S. Bull. A.B.
R. Bradshaw. A.B.
R. Beevers. A.B.
T.A. Bagnall. A.B.
H.T. Burgess. Sea.
C.H. Burgess. A.B.
L. Brooks. S.P.O.
f. Bowker. L/Sto
T.B.H. Brett L/Sto
*. Bolton Sto.1.
*.G. Bratchley. Sto.1.
L. Bartlett. Sto.1.
J. Bubb. Sto.1.
J.I. Bygrave. Sto.1.
G.W. Buckley. Sto.1.
F. Burton. Sto.1.
T. Beresford. A.B.
E.A. Brooks. C.P.O.
T.H. Bucknell. L/Sea.
J. Bodill. A.B.
G.Bardsley. A.B.
K.M. Butters. Coder.
J.M. Boardman. S.B.A.
J. Blackburn. A.B.
J. Ball. Sto.1.
K. Barter. Sto.1.
J. Battersby. L/Sto
R.A. Burns. L/Sto
B. Butler. A.B.
A.L. Bush. W.R.
J.E. Burnett. A.B.
T. Blewett. A.B.
N.W. Bussl. A.B.
K.H. Boyd. P.O.
W. Beaumont. L/Ck
H. Batty. Coder.
A. Barwall. O/Sea.
D. Boughton. O/Sea.
J. Bird. O/Sea.
S. Baker. O/Sea.
R. Balance. A.B.
D. Beechley. O.A.4.
E.R. Coleman. C.P.O.
H. Collins. C.P.O.
A.G. Cox. P.O.
J.J. Crowley P.O.
T.H. Celland. A.B.
J. Cassidy. A.B.
J. Chorin. A.B.
J. Chittleburgh. A.B.
E.F. Clifford. A.B.
J. Cunningham. A.B.
F. Curgenven A.B.
J.S. Craven. A.B.
L. Cowan. S.P.O.
N. Checthem. S.P.O.
G.W. Craven. S.P.O.
W. Crosthwaite. L/Sto
I. Cartledge. S.P.O.
J.L. Cartwright. L/Sto
B. Cowan. L/Sto
R.D. Creese. Stwd.
R. Croathwaite. O.A.4.
H. Cookson. Coder.
J. Coulson. P.O.Ck.
R.M. Cook. L/Sea.
C. Chershire. L/Sea.
A. Calvert. A.B.
W. Charlesworth. A.B.
A.J. Condy A.B.
L.L. Cobb. A.B.
*.G. Cook. A.B.
P. Cosgrove. Sto.1.
W. Chambers. Sto.1.
S. Christmas. Sto.1.
S.E. Cutler. Coder.
J.A. Collins. Sto.1.
W.F. Curfley. A.B.
J. Campbell. A.B.
D. Cowell. C.E.R.A
F. Cooper. Tel.
E. Coombes. A.B.
C. Cordiner. Sig.
J. Connell. Sto.1.

G. Collings. L/Sea.
L. Chapman. E.M.
J. Chapman. A.B.
R. Cradock. Sto.1.
J. Cameron. A.B.
R.M. Campbell. A.B.
K.A.J. Day. P.O.
J.G. Daniels. P.O.
M.J.D. Dunlop. L/Sea.
R.P. Davies. A.B.
L. Downton. A.B.
R.E. Dyer. A.B.
S. Dorrington. A.B.
A. D. Davidson. A.B.
A. Davies. A.B.
R. Dove. A.B.
R.E. Dolling. A.B.
E.C. Dan. Tel.
*.J Dennis. L/Sto
J.W. Davies. Sto.1.
F. Dimmock. A.B.
R.C. Dolan. A.B.
J. Diagedan. O/Sea.
M. Depuis. Sto.1.
S. Dempsey. Stwd.
*. Derry. Sto.1.
A.L. Denham. L/Sig
L.E. Davies. A.B.
*. Duff. A.B.
E. Davie. P.O.
C.C. Darby. A.B.
L. Davies. Ck. (S).
C.H. Ewings. O.A.3.
A.C. Emery. L/Sea.
D. Ellerton. E.R.A.
A. Ellies. E.R.A.
A.F. Elson. Ch.Sto
A. Edbrooks. E.A.4.
A Flynn. Sig.
A.J. Flynn. L/Res.
J.H. Ferret. Sig.
*. Freel. L/Res.
J. Farrow. A/B
P.H. Fry. O/Sea.
J. Farnhill. L/Sto.
*.C. Franch. R.R.A
*. Frayne. A.B.
*. French. Sto.1.
*. Gough. A.B.
S.A.F. Cuathart A.B.
V. Giblin. A.B.
H. Gerstang. A.B.
J.T. Gibbins. L/Sea.
A.J. Gent A.B.
P.T. Gould. S.P.O.
R.E. Greenslade. S.P.O.
J.H. Green. L.*.A.
H. Gregg. Ck (S).
L.A. Gray. O.H.
*.*. Gill. A.B.
J.*. Gollifer. O/Sea.
D. Galley. A.B.
A. Hart. P.O.
*.*. Hawkins A.B.
*. Harley. A.B.
R.E.W. Hawkins A.B.
B. M. Horley. A.B.
D.M. Hughes. A.B.
R. Hill. A.B.
D. Hurton. A.B.
R.A. Harrison. Yeo.Sig
N.C. Huckin. Sig.
*.F. Hicks. Sto.1.
M. Harrison. Sto.1.
T. Hinds. Sto.1.
A. Hunter. L/Sto.
*.L. Haynes. C.A.
H. Henderson. Sto.1.
D. Hunter. L/Sea.
F. Hattersley. A.B.
D. Hudghton. A.B.
G.V. Hart. A.B.
*.A. Holt. A.B.
R. Hatton-Hall O/Sea.
A. Hastings. Sto.1.
F.A. Hopkins. Sto.1.
T. Hussey. Sig.
R.R.C. Hawtree. Sig.
P. Harper. A.B.
N. Harris. A.B.
J. Hulse. E.R.A.
K. Handley. O/Sea.
L. Hurley. Ck (S).
A.C. Hutchinson. A.B.
L. Hurst. A.B.
K. Irlam. A.B.
S.B. Ibbotson. E.R.A.
R.D. Jones. A.B.
T. Jones. A.B.
R. Jones. A.B.
K.A. Jowett. A.B.
P.F. StJohn. A.B.
J. Johnston. A.B.
F. judge. L/Sto
F. Jones. A.B.
*. Jackson. A.B.
H.V. Jones. L/Sto
T.A. Johns. L/Sto
B. Jewell P.O.Std.
M. Johnston. E.R.A.

G. Kennedy. P.O.
A.M. kemp. A.B.
J. Kenmuir. A.B.
J.C. Kelly. L/Sto
D.V. kevins. *.B.A.
P. Knox. O/Sea.
F.F. kelsey. O.M.4.
*. Keeys. A.B.
J. Keannealey. A.B.
*. King. O/Sea.
E. Kelly. A.B.
*.P. King. A.B.
N.A.V. Lawson. L/Sea.
R.*. Lucas. A.B.
A.H. Lanceley. A.B.
*.N. Leslie. Ch.E.A.
I. Levi. S.F.O.
G. Lorne. L/Sto
F. Livealey. Sto.1.
R.O. Lansdown. Sto.1.
R.Lewis. A.B.
*.K.W. :aven. Sto.2.
D.E.P. Look. P.O.
A. Lauder. L/Sea.
R. Lucas. A.B.
R. Leisam*. A.B.
M.G. Lepper. Sig.
H. Lunn. L/Sig.
G. Lovell. A.B.
W.J. Monaghan. A.B.
R. Myles. A.B.
R.B. Murray. A.B.
J.R. Mason. A.B.
H. Maloney. A.B.
N. Macleish. A.B.
I.E. Messina. A.B.
L.J. Myers. Sea.
J.R. Monk. L/Sto
P.V. Mayor. L/Sto
J.B. Murray. L/Sto
D. Morris. Ck(O)
H.J. Mitonell. A.B.
A. Mereball. P.O.
S. Morris. A.B.
D. Moore. O/Sea.
W. Mowbray. Sto.1.
J. Majilton. Sto.2.
S. Major. L/Tel.
A.J. Mogridge. L/S. A.
W. Marsden. Sto.1.
J. Murphy. O/Sea.
K. Montgomery. A.B.
D. Mellor A.B.
R.G. Mills. Sig.
T. Morrissey. A.B.
G.C. Maple. A.B.
W. Moir. L/Ck.
G. Marsden. A.B.
*. McDowall. A.B.
G.H. MoKay. A.B.
W. McDonald. Yeo
G. McDuff. P.O.S.
*. McGuinness. Sto.1.
A. Molnnes Yeo.
U. Mcloughlin. L/Sea.
*. McGee. A.B.
*. McNulty Sea.
R. Mclaughlin. O/Sea.
*. McKay. O/Sea.
J.W.J. North. A.B.
C.H. Naldrett. Sto.11
C.P. Neilnon. O/Sea.
G. Newman. A.B.
*.K. Oldham C.E.R.A.
N.D.O. Leary. St.P.O
J.O. O’Neill. L/Sto
H. O’Banne. L/Sto
W. Osborne L/Sea.
S. Orsmond. A.B.
J. Osborne. A.B.
*. Oele. A.B.
C. Oliver. A.B.
C.F. Parker. P.O.
G.E. Pratt. L/Sea.
A. Pepin. A.B.
*. Pullen A.B.
O. ****** A.B.
O.J. Prosset. A.B.
****** A.B.
****** P.O.
K.S Pleasance Tel.
W. Peacock. P.O.Ok
N.*. Pudney. Stwd.
V. Platt. E.R.A.
A.E. Pengelly. A.B.
H. Pilling. O/Sea.
H. Patterson. O/Sea.
J.J. Parrish. Sto.1.
*. Parker. A.B.
R.F. Procter. L/Sea.
S.A. Pelton. A.B.
B. Pitchford. L/Std.
A.L. Pinnock. A.B.
G.A. Perrin. O.A.3.
H.J. Price. O/Sig.
H.V. Pink. A.B.
R.*. Rogers. P.O.
R.M. Reynolds. P.O.
D. Renwick. A.B.
L.V. Rogers. A.B.

J. Ridgway A.B.
T.*. Rainsy. A.B.
D.V. Rook. E.R.A.
S.T. Robi** E.R.A.
G.*. Ross E.R.A.
P.*. Robi*** E.R.A.
A. Read. S.P.O.
V.H. Rowley. L/Std.
*. Reid. S.B.*
L.R. Robinson. A.B.
J.F. Reid. O/Sea.
B. Riseborough. A.B.
J. Rogers. O/Sea.
L.A. Smith. A.B.
N.E. Simpson. A.B.
W.J. Sheffield. A.B.
J.K. Seymour. A.B.
L.A. Skinner. L/Tel.
R.V. Stephens. Tel.
B. Seddon. S.P.O.
K. Sparey. L/Std.
V. Spencer. Sto.1.
A.T. Solth. P.O.RM.
C. Seabourne. Stwd.
D.C. South*** L/Sea.
*.N. Stone. S.B.*
*.c. Stephens. C/S**
A.J. Sh**** A.B.
T. Scott O/Sea.
T.R. Steward O/Sea.
C.H. Stonell. P.O.
K.H. Skinner. Tel.
L. Saunders. Cook
G. Sharpe. Ntr.
A.J. Swann. P.O.
*. Sweet. Sto.1.
W. Stone. A.B.
H.*. Simmons. U.S.N.
*. Stark. E.R.A.
R. Smith. P.O.
H. Shepherd. A.B.
K. Stead. A.B.
T. Sadd. C.M.
J. Thompson. C.P.O.
*.W. Tennor. L/Sea.
S. Tall. L/Sea.
F.C. Thomas. A.B.
*.N. Taylor. A.B.
A.D. Toogood. L/Sea.
G. Thomas. A.B.
S.G. Tudor. A.B.
O. Thompson A.B.
G. Taylor. A.B.
J.A. Thomas. 1/Stwd.
J.W. Taylor. Cook.
M. Turner. A.B.
A. Thompson. E.R.A.
J.T. Turner S.P.O.
R.V. Taylor. A.B.
K. Theobald. A.B.
*.T. Taylor. O/Sea.
D.*. Thompson. O/Sea.
A. Timmins. Sto.1.
H.G. Thomas. A.B.
*. Tumloy. A.B.
S. Turkington. A.B.
D. Towers. A.B.
*.F. Taylor. A.B.
*.M. Thrasher. U.S.N.
*. Treadwell. A.B.
H.H. Thomas. A.B.
C. Vickers. A.B.
J. Vincent. A.B.
J.R. Wylie. A.B.
J.D. Wells. A.B.
G.D. Wall. A.B.
l. Walters. A.B.
A.L. White. A.B.
L. Waddington. A.B.
D.A. Wallis. A.B.
S.B. Webster. A.B.
F. Woolley. Ch.Sto.
L.B. Ward. P.O. Tel.
J.F. Williams. Yeo.
H. Worrall. S.P.O.
G. Walker. L/Sto
A. Wilson. Sto. I
J. Wardrop. Sig.
D.J. Wilkins. L/Sea.
P.J. Waller. L/R.M.
J.F. Williams. O/Sea.
J.E. Whitter. Sto. I
A.H. Wakeham. Sto. I
W.G. Watson. A.B.
A.J. Walder. A.B.
D. Wilson. Sto. I
H. Whitfield. Sto. I
G.T. Wheeler. Sto. I
J.J. White. Sto. I
G. Williams. O/Sea.
D.H.T. Waller. Wer.
C. Ward. O/Sea.
M. Woodall. Sig.
E.R. Yartlett. Sea.